Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Chaos is down to a minor roar

My life has been chaos since my last post, I did some math, and between March 24th and now, I have managed to put over 8000 miles on my van. I set up and sold my product at 3 large quilt shows. The last one ended April 26th, I returned home on the 28th, then left for a class at Maureen's http://www.maureencarlson.com/index.htm on May 1th, returned from that on May 4th. My sister in law came for a visit from Mass, she arrived on May 4th and stayed until the 8th, then my oldest DD arrived on May 9th and was here until May 11th .............Whew!..........Breath!

While all this was happening, the plumber and carpenter finally remodeled my bathroom, so the house was a total disaster when we did get home! The bathroom is great, the Sheetrock dust and all that all over the rest of the house is not so great! The painter is here now today, to do the painting, so hopefully all will be done by the end of the week.

The class at Maureen's was from Katherine Dewey, http://www.elvenwork.com/ called "The Well-Dressed Mouse" It was a blast!!! Everyone had such different creative mice! I didn't get mine done in class, but plan on finishing it this week. I will put up a picture when I do.

I also received some great news while at Maureen's, I had entered a couple of my pieces into a regional art show, and my leaf vessel pictured below took 2nd place! Kewl!

Well that should bring you up to date, I will do better to keep up now!

Jenny P


tzilla said...

Unbelievably gorgeous !!

juliette said...

I love your work!!!
Can you please tell me where I can purchase a vise like the one you have in your video, using the Maken Extruder)the green one?)??? I have extreme limitations in my hands, so this vise would be a necessity for me before trying out the projects in your book.
Thank you so very much!